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Our Animals

Our cattle are never fed additives such as growth stimulants, antibiotics or grains.  Calves are raised by their mothers on a ranch near Josh’s farm until weaning at six months of age when they weigh five hundred pounds.  Josh has worked with this like-minded rancher for the past six years and is very happy with the genetic contribution to our good meat.  Cows and their calves are often on grassy range where they are free to roam and enjoy ample shade, fresh water and protection from predators.

We rigorously pursue flavor, texture, and marbling  characteristics in our beef.  We achieve this through choosing mother cows who show these desired traits in their offspring.  Many of our calves are from English breeds such as Hereford and Angus crosses.  It is the genetics and production practices that create a truly superior dining experience that is delicious, tender and juicy.

Chickens are raised from hatchlings. Each spring Josh brings in about 700 turkey chicks to be raised for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  The birds have plenty of room to range free and forage.  Being mono stomach animals, poultry need to be fed more than grass.  Josh makes all his own feed to protect its quality so that he is sure that it is clean, non GMO and without additives.  The feed is available to the poultry at all times.

Josh raises Dorper crosses which are sheep from South Africa bred for their meat qualities.  These sheep are hair sheep and so do not have wool.  Their color is white with a black head. Their bodies are stout and well muscled. Dorper meat is delicate in flavor; it is tender and consistent in its character.  The sheep free feed on the pastures as well.

Our hogs are purchased as newly weaned pigs at 5-8 weeks of age. Once on the farm, they are rotated on our pastures so they always have access to plenty of fresh, green forage. They are also supplemented with a non-GMO grain ration that is milled on farm.

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