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Whole and Half Animals


We offer a whole, cut up beef for $7.15 per pound.  The organ meats are included unless otherwise specified. A whole beef yields approximately 450-500 pounds of meat and requires about 15 cubic feet of freezer space to store.

A half of a beef is sold for $7.40 per pound and yields approximately 225-250 pounds of meat, which requires about 7-8 cubic feet of freezer space to store.

A $200 deposit is required to order a half or whole beef.

A whole hog yields approximately 150 to 175 pounds of meat, including organ meats.   Our price is $6.50 per pound. Half hogs are also available for $6.50 per pound plus a $30 charge for splitting.  A $100 deposit is required place an order.

A whole lamb yields about 50 pounds of meat (including organ meats) and sells for $8.25 per pound.

A $50 deposit is required to order a lamb.

For more information or to order, please email at info@cprmeats.com or call Josh at 520-507-5586.

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